What it Means to Be Submitted

verb /səbˈmit/ 
submits, 3rd person singular present; submitted, past participle; submitted, past tense; submitting, present participle
  1. Accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person
    • - the original settlers were forced to submit to Bulgarian rule
  2. Consent to undergo a certain treatment
    • - he submitted himself to a body search
  3. Subject to a particular process, treatment, or condition
    • - samples submitted to low pressure
  4. Agree to refer a matter to a third party for decision or adjudication
    • - the U.S. refused to submit to arbitration

verb: surrender, present, give in, yield


I use the term submitted, rather than submissive, because it emphasizes submission as a choice of actions and attitude, not a natural or inborn way of being. Some people are submissive by nature. I'm not one of them, so I must actively choose to submit.

To me, being submitted means that I freely surrender my will and the authority over my life to those in higher authority. First and foremost, I am submitted to God and follow His Word, the Bible. Secondly, and because God commands it of wives, I am submitted to my husband as the head of our household and my physical provider and protector as well as my spiritual and family leader and highest earthly authority.

As part of this submission, I consent to follow the rules and guidelines that have been set for me in love and to surrender my own will in order to do what it right by God and to lovingly serve and obey my husband. I recognize that he has both the right and command to lead me and the responsibility to do so with love and self-sacrifice.

To help us both in these matters, I have asked him to add the use of domestic discipline to our relationship to help me obey him and to help me to gain more willpower and self-discipline. I have a hard time staying focused on my domestic duties and taking care of our home as I should, so I am hoping that punishment for failing to do my duties will motivate me and help me to conquer laziness and procrastination.