Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm Back

I had forgotten this blog for a while, until I found the password in a notebook while I was cleaning out my desk. Life has been hectic and we have had ups and downs, another job change, and I had fallen off the wagon a bit. I took a job outside the home for several months and it did not work out well - the housework wasn't up to either of our standards, we wasted a lot of money on eating out because I was tired, and I was generally tired and irritable and horrible to be around.

I have been back home for a few weeks now, since they announced a layoff and I resigned in hopes that someone who needed the job worse could stay. Bill has given me permission to work from home up to 4 hours a day with an online call center and I am going to try that, but my priority is to get back to being the wife I know I should be and getting my home in order once again.

The next few weeks, for me, will revolve around deep cleaning and trying to get my servant's heart back and my attitude under control, so I may work through one or more of the marriage books I have again as a refresher.

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  1. Welcome back! I just started reading "Created to be His Help Meet". I'm only on chapter two but so far I love it!